How Did I Live Without It?

I haven’t been able to put together my little montage of happenings from the last month, but hope to do so this weekend.  In the meantime, I decided to begin a recurring post to share things I love and would be hard pressed to live without.

First up is Read it Later (RIL).  RIL allows you to save videos and articles to watch and read at anytime.  RIL can be used on various devices and in a number of applications.  I have been using RIL to save blog posts that I find inspiring and wish to revisit or I want to read later when I have more time.  I use Google Reader to keep up on all my favorite blogs.  A Read it Later button appears on the heading of each blog post for ease of use.

I have been using Read it Later on my iPhone and web browsers, which is incredibly simple and user-friendly.  If you are interested in using Read it Later, head over to to set up an account and follow the instructions for adding RIL to your phone or web browser.