About Me

Hi there.  I’m Michelle, the voice and creative mind behind Padiddles.  I’m originally from Maine and consider myself a “mainiac” at heart.  I graduated from the University of Maine in Farmington with a Bachelor’s degree in English.  Following graduation, I moved to Massachusetts to be with the love of my life.  I currently live in central Massachusetts with my husband, Chris, and our cat, Dewey.  I adore them immensely and will surely mention them from time to time on this blog.

For as long as I can remember, creativity has been a part of my life.  At a very early age I was exposed to arts and crafts.  I grew up in an imaginative and inventive family that inspired and encouraged my creativity.  I loved art class in grade school and continued to take art classes in high school and college.  I still take the occasional art class or workshop, but mostly rely on books, videos, and the internet to develop new skills and techniques.

Padiddles is a place for me to express myself creatively on the web, share my work, experiences, and knowledge.  I have many things planned for this this blog and look forward to seeing them take shape.

This is me painting with watercolors at age 5.