Top Ten {02.17.12}

Here are the top ten highlights from my life in recent days/months:

1.  We moved into our condo on December 31, 2011.  Happy New Year!  I love our new home and town.

2.  I have my own studio space.  No more cramming supplies into a coat closet.

3.  I signed up for Life Book, which can be found at  I created a dream board page and started on the “Celebrating our Goddess Superpowers” lesson.

4.  My sister is pregnant with a baby boy.

5.  I finally made the fabric case for my father-in-law’s portable speaker, which was intended to be a Christmas gift, but was thwarted by our move.

6.  We booked our family trip to the Dominican Republic.  I am beyond excited.

7.  My husband bought me a beautiful bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

8.  I went to a wine tasting my best friend that she found on Living Social.  The tasting was a bust, but we had a great time together, as always.

9.  I got the Kindle touch.  Purchased the Kindle Fire first, but it didn’t live up to my expectations.  Crazy, right?

10.  Best of all, my life has been filled with happiness and laughter.


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